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Giant Purple Spiders and Balancing on Feathers

Warning: this will be a rushed post!

In the Carnival of the Summer we have the massively hideous Spider Plushie!

This might work to scare people you don't want out of your den! Any other uses?

And AJHQ is gladly reminding me their going to kick me out of the club in 3 days if I don't hand them another 50 bucks.

And a strange animation glitch happens with Pandas with Masks when the do the Play Action.

It warps and stretches underneath the Panda, making it look like you are balancing on feathers, or floating in space (whats really happening...) Big thanks for the mask to BubblegumBee!

And... here it comes...  Wait for it...

Oh come on... We just need you to tell them my username...


There. :D

Oh yes, "Anonymous" has reminded me of a new blog to add to the list, The Animal Jam Crazy.


  1. XP! Even as a rushed post it's still hilarious! :D

  2. Yup,and I guess I am going to be needing that spider now. CX


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