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Red Foxes and Sun Masks

Today we have yet another boring plushie from AJHQ. In the Summer Carnival.

And I'm supposed to entertain my viewers... somehow... Aha! We shall show the little children pictures of ugly bots!


Wonderful color/item combinations, my lovely bots. Ah, yes. One more thing - In the Chambers of Knowledge, in the rules of the Gem Ball game I found something interesting.

They call Zios' Masks Suns here. I never thought of that before, but I guess it's true. So the famous mask of Zios was designed after the sun!

Now, I will leave you to comment you thrilling comments on this thrilling post on this thrilling blog about this thrilling game.


  1. I think I laughed 3 times here. This is extremely hilarious! :D Haha, ugly bots! :P

  2. Cool,I never noticed that O.O

  3. Whoa I never knew that the Zios mask was the Sun!


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