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Rare Cool Hair

Today we have some very cool hair on the third page of Jam Mart Clothing.

So, why is this cool? Is it because it is green? Or is it because it looks like you don't know how to comb your hair? And why does AJHQ think either of those make something cool? I really am not to desperate to meet the AJ item designers.

I really don't have anything else to post. Remember to answer the new poll on the sidebar.


  1. I like this hair a lot! Probably because it is green! :D - xXRobinHoodXx

  2. Reminds me of green boogery hair... I rather buy the regular item.

    1. Lol. I like green... Just not that green very much. - xXRobinHoodXx

    2. It just reminds me of lots of hair gel and the color is a bit dull.


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