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First of all, on the last post I was just giving my opinion about Snowyclaw's posting. Every person is allowed to have their own opinion. For me, I think her style is too plain, like AJHQ. I was not saying that everybody who views this blog has to hereby hate Snowyclaw. (I don't hate Snowyclaw - I was just saying I didn't like her style.) She has been posting for a long time, and posts early every morning. So I understand why people like her blog. But that does not mean I have to say she is an amazing blogger, just because she has more blog views than me. I think I have learned something: never say anything negative about a famous person, even if it's true. People will hate you for it.

And to Snowyclaw who apparently saw the last post - I joke about people a lot. I am not trying to be mean to anyone.

And, of course the new item. Today we have the big, fluffy, (and ever so slightly fat) Giant Kangaroo Plushie!

Yes, 'tis Nonmember! I don't think we have had any nonmember Diamond Shop items yet...

And, now for the sad news. I am leaving today! No, no, you can stop crying. I'm not leaving the world, and I won't be sent to the guillotine (as long as Snowyclaw fans don't find me). I am going to be traveling again, and should be back next Friday.


  1. Don't worry about that Pumaa. It's ok to have an opinion. You didn't say they had to like it. They didn't have to get all angry at you though XD.
    Hmm... No wonder all my food was gone, that Kangaroo is fat,fat,fat!

  2. Pumaa,

    I know my posts are boring, don't worry! ^.^ And I do appreciate the feedback. I don't tell jammers to defend me, I'm sorry if anyone offended you in my name. :(


  3. Everyone's got his/her own opinion. :)
    You can't hate on others for their opinion.

  4. Gecko, i still ove your blog very much. I am a huge fan of snowyclaw, and i believe it's just your opinion... I mean, if you hate her, you follow her? XD anyways, please add my blog to your list my best buddy when you come back from vacation:
    Animal Jam Flames of Joy.
    Just google it XD

    1. Dude! you were acting so mean to Pumaa -.- Btw I love this comment:Tip time:
      If you are going to ask someone to add your blog to theirs, I wouldn't insult them in your next comment. Just a tip. :)

  5. Everyone has an opinion. I also like your blog very much! - xXRobinHoodXx

  6. Well, as always, I love your blog Pumaa, but to AJ Predator28299, I think you just confused everyone. First you criticise poor Pumaa for having an opinion, and Snowyclaw understands and all, and now you expect to get your blog put on the list? Ok I don't know how forgiving Pumaa is, but I'd for sure delete your comment...

    1. I think that non-members need more stuff in the Diamond Shop it would help the cause the need a little more. The don't want to keep buying the same items. Plus non-members need a new animal it would make them feel like they are in the community. The non-members need love too!!!!!! If there is not that much new stuff for non-members then they will think that they should stop playing the game. Btw nice blog!- XxorkabunnyXx


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