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Crystal Graham Statue & AJ Blogging Statistics 2

Happy Friday! (Fridays are always happy, aren't they?) Today we have a pretty cool statue of Graham the Monkey Alpha, in Epic Wonders.
AJHQ, if you want to really be awesome, make one of these for all the Alphas!

And for today's side topic, since I didn't prepare anything, I decided to do a sequel to the AJ Blogging Statistics I posted on Wednesday. So today, instead of hits, I will be grading on Followers. Unfortunately, not every blog has a Follower Widget. That means I have to leave them out, simply because I don't have any information.

Followers can tell a more accurate story of a blog, too. Some blogs might have 25 followers, but each views the blog 100 times a day. Another might have 500 followers, but each views it once a day. So followers tell how many people view the blog, hits count how many times people have viewed the blog.

That being said, even less popular blogs can have a ton of followers, especially if they have a lot of friends on Animal Jam. It would be impossible for me to look through every blog, so today I will just grade the seven I posted on Wednesday.

Animal Jam Spirit                    691
Animal Jam Wild                     74
Jammer Central                       65
Animal Jam Times                    63
Animal Jam Cheats & Codes   34

That is very different, isn't it? I had to leave out Insiders and Rage because I didn't have any info. Also, apparently Cheats & Codes didn't have a followers widget very long (put one up as soon as you make a blog!). But other than that, It seems like a big difference in hits can mean a little difference in followers.

If you know of an active Animal Jam blog with over 30 followers (that I didn't list here), tell me! I would be happy to add it.

A few extra blog updates... I am working on my Trading Central again, because other blogs are now making them and I've been working on this for months. I have about 100 item screenshots, haha.

Also, if you could, please follow this blog! I'm a bit "obsessed" as you might say, with how many followers I have. :P


  1. I have a blog but I only have two followers on of which I me :(

    1. Keep blogging! The first month of this blog we had 350 hits. Now we get about 6,500! Just keep posting regularly and you will start to get more popular.

    2. Ahhhh 65?!!?!? Nuuuuuu! >.<
      I have 63!!
      *gets an insane, crazy and wild looking look in her eyes*

    3. Oh yeah, and we're catching up with hits. It won't be long... lol

  2. 14 followers and going strong! :P

    1. What are you talking about? You have 15... ;)

  3. Whoa...I have 74 followers, eh? That's pawesome! ^.^
    Thank you Gecko for adding my little Animal Jam blog up means a lot. Means a lot that my blogging is helping that many Jammers. <3 So is yours too, friend. :)

    1. You deserve it! You've been blogging since... October 2011. That's amazing!

  4. Lol, I should have putten the followers gadget right after I made the blog! I started on 25 December 2011, but till summer 2012 I was not posting properly, I made huge breaks.... If you look at my blog archive, all posts before summer 2012 are kinda rubbish.
    -MisterChunkybuddy, who spent ages writing that comment because he typed it on a tablet.

    1. I didn't start posting regularly until December 2012. :P


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