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Horseshoe Set & Member-Only Rares

Sorry for the really late post. D:

Today we have another addition to our Ol' Barn den collection, the Horseshoe Set. It is in Jam Mart Furniture, of course.
This item, like the Croquet Set, will change form when you try to change the "color".  This is usefull because you can fit a whole set of items into one.

Also, you may have noticed that The Daily Explorer has a new background!

So, for our side topic we have some anti-nonmemberness. While looking through the Member Benefits, I came across these two images.
Do you see what I see? Both of them say that Members can collect Rare Items! But can't Nonmembers, too? It all makes sense. AJHQ wants to make collecting Rares a Member-only thing. That's why almost all the RIMs are Member, and the same with all the cool looking items.

Please comment your opinions! I also have found a new graphic from one of AJHQ's many Twitter accounts. Click for larger size, feel free to use without credit:

PS: Keep viewing and following! Let's try to get 50,000 view by next Wednesday! I know we can do that!


  1. i hope AJHQ makes rares a member only thing because rares have gotten way to out of hand so if its members only then that makes less people trading and stuff i really hope AJHQ gets rid of trading and rares :(

    1. You got a pretty good point, but trading has gone way back and it's like tradition.

      But we could ask if the Rares can be for everyone not only Members.



    2. Nooooo

      Rares and trading can and will never be bad. Only the owners of the items can be bad. Most Rare item collectors are very nice! I have a lot of fun working hard to get my favorite items. Animal Jam just wouldn't be the same without trading.

    3. Exactly.... sorry about the past comment. It's just that Rares make everyone go crazy, you know.

      I just wish that every jammer should treat everyone nicely, Member or Non-Member alike.

      That way, Animal Jam would be great!


    4. Yup. I think Jammers should have to work for their Rares, too. Very often, some immature person will "marry" a Rare Jammer and then get sent a bunch of Rares. Or the same thing with just a friendship. Dating on Animal Jam is our worst problem.


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