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Tetherball & Graham Ad

Today we have another fun den game in Jam Mart Furniture, the Tetherball!
That game is fun in real life.

I also have found another AJ ad in an NGK Magazine. Click here for the old ones. The one I have just found is from October 2010! That is really old, just before I started playing! Here is a photo of it, click it for a bigger size:
The mood of Animal Jam was just so much better back then, you know what I mean? It was wild, exotic, you felt like you were in another world. But human items just completely ruin that. I wonder where exactly AJHQ took the wrong turn... Probably somewhere around the time when Gloves were first resold.

I also received a note from AJHQ.
Good advice. We should be really nice to new players, show them around. Maybe give them a few things you don't want. I remember the first day I played AJ, I was so overwhelmed. It seemed so big!

Oh, and I have finally achieved a Freedom outfit for my Koala.
See? Nonmembers can have cool outfits, if they work hard enough. Also about Koalas, I have started writing a mini story about their adventure. So keep viewing!


  1. Awesome look!

  2. Wow... I remember that article actually. xD Heh. ^.^
    And I love your koala's look, very stylish!


  3. i think it started happening around when AJHQ made trading it was around then because back before trading most people knew better then to do a trade i just hate trading/rares so much ):

  4. Once I found a 2001 ad.


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