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Bean Bag Toss & Animal Jam Dreams

Today we have another cool looking game item, in Jam Mart Furniture.
I love the wood-theme! If only a few of these were Member... (well, one was). Anyway, has anyone ever played bean bag toss? It's really fun. ;)

Today, AJHQ has also added a 10,000,000 Banner on the homepage.
Click here for the actual graphic. No need for credit if you use it. :)

Have any of you ever had a dream about Animal Jam? I have! I remember one of them pretty well.

It took place in Coral Canyons, only their were lots of Cliff Dwellings like in Mesa Verde, Colorado. I wrote post a few months ago about how Coral Canyons could actually have been Cliff Dwellings (of course, for animals though). Click here to read it.

While I was exploring one of the empty rooms, I saw a Guide rabbit run by me and click a hidden button to open up a secret passageway. I followed him through, and it led me onto a porch/ledge sort of thing on the top of one of the buildings. There, I found a shop with exclusive never released items! There were also future update ideas and a lot more cool stuff I just can't remember.

Of course, this was just a dream. But Jamaa is full of mysteries - wouldn't it be awesome if there were secret passageways to other rooms, or something similar? Just some ideas, since I know AJHQ reads this blog. ^.^

Comment any dreams you have had about Jamaa! Keep viewing and following! The next person to follow this blog will be the 70th!


  1. I did have a dream just last night but I have forgotten it now an by the way awesome dream!

    1. Yeah!i wish it was real, lol.

    2. Lol. Dreams can be so awesome sometimes. :)

  2. That would be pawsome, Gecko! It could happen! Jamaa is very mysterious after all, you'll never know what will happen next! You'll just have to explore and find out! ^.^


    1. Yep! I really hope they start having Adventures soon.


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