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Pinwheel & Beta Rares II

First of all, sorry if I'm late and my typing is off, I injured both my wrist and elbow so I have to type with one hand. (I have to keep this sling an wrist brace on for a week o.o).

On the topic of news, we have a fun new item in Jam Mart Furniture, the Pinwheel.
Nice spinning animation, AJHQ! And very summery colors! I like this item.

For our side topic today, I will yet again talk about "Beta" items. So, here is a list of the main items "cool" and "rare" people say are "Beta", but really aren't.

-"Beta" Eyeball Hat - Given by Guides a month after Beta Testing
-"Beta" Creature Mask - Same as above
-"Beta" Mask - Was available for over half a year after Beta Testing
-Original Member Gloves and Spikes - Both almost a year after Beta
-Mech Angel Helmets - These have been released several times after Beta Testing

Then you have the obvious ones; Fox Hats, Worn Blankets, Rare Bows ect. But those are the main ones. Oh, and I made a mistake on my Member Betas post. I was supposed to add Beards to the True Betas list - they were never sold after Beta.

We also have an interesting message from AJHQ.
I have no idea why they sent that out...

We are also very close to 50,000 hits! I have chosen a bunch of prizes for a contest, so keep on viewing and following!

Random question to my trading viewers: what is a Jukebox worth? Is it at the Play Wild Party?


  1. The jukebox is sold at the play wild party.
    (P.S. Sorry your hurt your wrist and elbow.)

  2. Get well soon and why don't you take a break from blogging till your arms better blogging isn't a job you know. And I think anonymous is right about the juke box.

  3. Sorry about your elbow and wrist. :(

    I think the fox hats were sold after beta, because both my friend and I joined right after beta and she bought a fox hat...

  4. Okay, no more sympathy comments! XD

    Fox Hats were sold many times after Beta Testing, that is wy they are barely valuable.

  5. If you don't mind me asking, how did you injure you wrist and elbow? Oh and yeah anonymous is right about the jukebox.


  7. you know the AJHQ message that says: ( i will shorten ) go to the appadale tree and be purple find out that the secret is i dont get it??


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