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Traveling Animals, Photo Booth Contest & Summer Carnival

Sorry if the post isn't thrilling, the majority of today's update is in a party, which isn't on for hours. Ah, well. I'll post it later.

First of all, AJHQ has managed to get more animals on their way out of Jamaa.
Come on, and just in time for summer. D: I have memories of when these animals just came out in Summer 2011. And plus, in Spring animals migrate to colder places, to escape too much heat. Wonder why AJHQ never sent them away during the winter. >.<

There is also a photo booth contest, just dress up your animals, take a picture, and upload it to Jammer Central in Jamaa Township. Here are the ones I took:

By the way, the top one is my new main outfit. ;)

Moving on, AJHQ has done something good with this update. In Jam Mart Furniture, there is a new series of Garden plants, and their Nonmember!
 They are a lot of fun to have, they gradually grow and then you can pick them.
Here are some plants that might come next, they are in the Jamaa Journal.

And last but not least, the Summer Carnival is coming back! Click here for a video I made last year at the Summer Carnival.

That's it, Jammers! Stay tuned for my Jam Session Party post!


  1. I can't wait to see the new party! Btw Nice outfit ;)

  2. Not a BRILL update I hope the animals return I know they are unpopular but... No news on the land. I can't wait to enter the contest.


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