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Rare Sand Dollar Necklace & Blog Updates

Today is Rare Item Monday! The RIM is on the sixth page of Bahari Bargains, the Rare Sand Dollar Necklace.
Kind of boring (isn't every ocean item?).

Anyway, I was looking through my old mail, and I found a bunch of buddy requests. They were from Jammers who have been blacked out, since they were from so long ago. When I tried to accept the request, it said this:
You also may have noticed two new things on the sidebar. The first is a Poll about which animal Zios should be. Take the time to vote!

The second is a search box, just type in anything you wan't to read about on this blog, and search it!

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  1. update in 2 days i wonder what AJ HQ has in plan!


    1. The koalas are leaving, we know that!


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