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Pitch Fork & Trade List Glitch

Today we have our famous prank item back, the Pitch Fork! It is in Jam Mart Furniture.
It was first released in early 2012 along with Horses and the Ol' Barn Den.

For today's side topic, we have a (useful) glitch! My brother, Metroleafs, showed me this. As you know, when a buddy is offline, you cannot see there trade list.

HOWEVER. If you simply unbuddy them, you can!

Then you can just click their trade list, look at their items, and send them a trade request (yes, even when they're offline). Isn't that a wacky glitch?

Thanks for reading, and please remember to follow the blog!

PS: The Daily Explorer just released the Raccoon graphic I found. Nevertheless, mine is much bigger and doesn't have a watermark.

Here is the one I found.

Here is the one AJHQ released.


  1. Whoa, no way!!! That is so wicked cool!

  2. sirhappyviking4/6/13, 8:00 AM

    The wallpapers are the same arent they?

    1. The one I found is bigger, has more quality, and doesn't have a watermark.

  3. When you're trading the jammer does it just keep going on forever, or does it say "This jammer is not avalible to trade right now."


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