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Hay Bale & How to Type All Words in Jam-a-Grams

Today we have another farm-ish item in Jam Mart Furniture, the Hay Bale. This is also resold from Summer 2012.

For our side topic, I have some cool news about writing in Jam-a-Grams. My brother, Metroleafs, told me about this, but I don't know who told him. Basically, there is a combination of keys you can press in order to type words you normally can't.

First of all, you need to be a Member (obviously) in order to type in the letter. Then, open your mail, select who to send it to, and start typing. When you start typing a word that they don't have in their dictionary, it will turn red and/or a word will pop up above it.
No, geckos are not ugly, but that's beside the point. 

This is the complicated part. When this happens, hold down Shift and Alt, and click Backspace until the red text and word popups disappear. Then you can keep typing, but remember to repeat this step every time a word turns red.

Note that you cannot send any mean words. In fact, my message in the screenshot up there didn't go through simply because I used the word "ugly". There are plenty of words, though, that do go through, because they cannot be used in a mean way. If it does not go through, the receiver of the Jam-a-Gram will only see "Animal Jam Rocks!".

I hope you find this useful to you!

PS: Yesterday we had even less hits. D:
Check out my old posts and pages! When we hit 47k I will announce contest prizes for a 50k hit contest and/or party!


  1. To help I'll post your blog on Google plus and my blog.

  2. Meep! Gecko, MY email is
    Beware imposters O.O

    1. They use my contact form, so they send it as your email.

      I have no way of knowing...

    2. Darn! D: That's so unfair >.<
      Hmm...I'll message you something on YouTube.

  3. WOW, that glitch could be soooo useful!!! I don't have a free chat so this is so cool!!! Thanks so much!!!



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