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Candy Cane Items

Today's daily gift is kind of odd, a Marshmallow Chair.
   That's definitely new. On the left there is also a surprising new item in Jam Mart Furniture, the Candy Cane Lights! These were one of the daily gifts from last year. And in Bahari Bargains, on the right, there is another new item, the Candy Cane Tiara.
   And since I have nothing else to post, I might as well show you what the "daily gift" was in 2010. First you have to know that every day you logged in, a billboard would pop up with the latest news. Well in December 2010, when that would pop up there was a button saying to click it to get 100 gems!
   Back then 100 gems was a lot, more like what 1,000 gems is today. And back then everyone new who Mira was, unlike today. Happy Jamaalidays, and remember to comment!


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