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Snow Angel and the Old Jamaa

Hey jammers, today everyone receives a wonderful new Snow Angel when they log in.

   Wow, this item seems extremely familiar! Oh wait, it's the same exact same item we got last year, what a coincidence! Sorry, I'm being sarcastic, obviously. It's very annoying to think that AJHQ either doesn't have the creativity to make new items, or they are just too lazy.

   I think this is a good time to talk about what we really want from AJHQ. We are tired of them making modern, human, and ugly items. A perfect example of this is when they released Flip Flops. Even I was surprised, that is just too much. And then there is the updates, it's always a new pet or game or something like that. Very few people were around when AJHQ was always making new lands. I'm not talking about oceans, but real lands. The last one they made was Appondale, in April 2011.
   So I guess what we really want is the old Animal Jam. In my mind, that was a period between July 2010 and April 2011. Every item was awesome, they had a cool style of making everything out of wood and leaves. about every 3 months a new epic land came out, like Coral Canyons and Mt. Shiveer. Guides were online every day, playing games with jammers. Isn't that what we really want? I know almost every person reading this didn't play then, but you can believe me it was much better than Jamaa today. Here is the epic teaser trailer for Animal Jam, I really think it shows what Jamaa used to be like.

Also, here is a video by a beta tester who made a tour of the old Jamaa.
   And I'm not saying beta should come back, Beta Testing was a time before Animal Jam was finished, and kids could try out the game and give feedback. But I do think AJHQ could take back some of the simplicity and awesomeness from beta and the time soon after it.
   Thousands of people are supporting Snowy Claw and here "movement" because they want the same thing as me. But what you didn't know is Snowyclaw didn't start that movement to bring back the ideas from back then, she wanted the religion from back then. 
   The one thing wrong with that time was they had made Zios a god and Mira a goddess. The shamans were also part of the religion. So many people complained and they removed everything like that. Then, almost two years later people like me thought of a compromise. The "Shamans" could be Alphas, simply leaders and mentors to their own animal kind. Zios and Mira could be a King and Queen. 
   That's where we are right now in Jamaa. We don't need Jamaa's old religion, we need it's simplicity. One major example is Crystal Sands, it used to be an exotic beach, and now it's a water park. Who's the genius who thought of that?



  1. I LOVED the old Crystal sands.. I really almost cried when they took it away...


    1. You should email AJHQ about it, I did. If they know that most of us want the old one back, they will change it back.

  2. I was there when it was awesome. I miss old crystal sands. I miss everything. They have removed member gifts and are giving DIMONDS instead. I ALWAYS AM EXSITED ABOUT NEW MEMBER GIFTS!! I'm so angry at them. I agree with everything you said. I have been email Aj about that ever since i got email. But basicaly they say, Get over it. -sparky1025

  3. I was new in AJ this year

    - Camp2014

  5. I miss the old AJ so much TT_TT


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