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Rare Winter Hood & Gift Pile

   Sorry for the late post! Yesterday's gift was an Ice Phantom from last year. Today's daily gift is something new, though we've all expected it; a Peppermint Pathway.
   These have been around Jamaa's lands since the Jamaalidays started. And, in case you forgot, today is Rare Item Monday! I will be posting items a different way from now on, so that it doesn't take up too much space. On the left is the RIM, on the fifth page of Jam Mart Clothing. On the right is the Gift Pile, in the Jamaalidy Jam Party's store.
The gift pile is from last year and the year before that! Do you like the new way I post items? Later on today or later this week I will post everything we know about guides, and why they left. :) Stay tuned!


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    1. Sorry, that is against the Animal Jam rules. You cannot share passwords, or you will get banned.


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