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Giant Candy Cane

Today's daily Jamaaliday gift is 800 gems! Soon we'll be getting 1000!
There is also one new item in Jam Mart Furniture... the Giant Candy Cane is back!
   These remind me so much of when I joined in 2010. They used to only come in red, and nonmembers would line the path to their den with them. Back then all items were super awesome, and didn't look so modern. I wish I could show all of you guys what Jamaa was like back then, but at least AJHQ is bringing back some of the items from then.
   I also updated the Jamaa Lore Page with the most recent information, so check that out for all we know about Jamaa's history! And, like I said in the last post, I'm working on a page about Guides! Soon I hope Jammer Central will become a must-see archive of everything in Animal Jam. But in order to do anything, I need your support. The easiest way to support me is to simply comment with your thoughts about the post. Even better, tell your friends on Animal Jam about this blog! Happpy Jamaalidays!


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