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Peck the Rabbit Alpha and Alpha Video

With the update today, AJ released Peck the Rabbit Alpha's bio in the Animal Jam Blog.
"Most animals in Jamaa today don’t remember the first Phantom invasion, when the Alphas first appeared to turn the tide of battle and save our home. Peck doesn’t remember it either. She is the newest Alpha, and the only one selected by Mira since that long-ago victory over the Phantom hordes. Sir Gilbert has often wondered to himself whether Mira made the right choice.
There’s no question Peck is full of talent. She is an artist that revels in any medium, and she has done much to beautify Jamaa and inspire other animals to join her in huge, outlandish art projects. Her Alpha abilities seem to have magnified her already passionate and energetic personality a hundredfold, however, and some animals find her perpetual excitement and restlessness exhausting. Peck’s hot temper is legendary. When Phantoms appear or her friends are threatened, her artistic exuberance flips instantly to full-throttle attack mode. She believes in striking first and planning later (much later, and hopefully while she’s off doing something more fun). Have you ever had a friend who seemed to be made out pure energy, who could never sit still and who was always trying to involve you in some new crazy scheme of theirs? That’s Peck: she moves in a blur, gets bored easily, and never seems to run out of ideas. She takes her role as a mentor to other rabbits very seriously, though, and she is determined to get Jamaa’s rabbits into shape and ready for whatever the Phantoms might throw at them."

   I was surprised to find that I didn't mind the bio, though I'm thinking I might have to change my stories. It's the picture I don't like. I'm almost embarrassed to put that on my blog.

   Also we have the video in the virtual Jammer Central. It is probably fine if you are less than seven years old... you get my point. Watch it here:
   I think it had potential to be good, but the way it showed everything I didn't like. Maybe it's just the style... or I'm just too old to play Animal Jam. Read my update post below! Click here to try to beat my high score in Long Shot.


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