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Gingerbread Men

Today's daily gift is 900 gems!
There is also a new item in Bahari Bargains, in Bahari Bay, the Gingerbread Man.
There are also some better, more interesting updates, too! There is a new Jam-a-Gram you can send:
And, even better, we can now chose whether we get buddy requests or not!
   I will still allow people to send me buddy requests, since I just deleted a bunch and still have space. But this is useful so that when I have 100 buddy I don't keep getting spammed. :P
   I kind of feel like I'm talking to a wall, since I never get any comments, and yet I ask for them every post. And plus for the past week half our hits are from people in Russia. That's confusing. Can somebody make me feel better and comment for once?



  1. Lol, I didn't let anyone add me or send a game invite to me XD
    And my Buddy List is full so they can't anyway...

  2. Sorry Jammers, I'm on vacation so I wont post until January 8.

  3. Look!! I am commenting!!!!! YAY!! -sparky1025

  4. I also feel like that-on my blog. It's .


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