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Jamaaliday Mailbox, Jamaaliday Wreath & Beat Me

Today's Jamaaliday gift from AJHQ is actually new! You will get this if you log in today:

   It may not be the most exciting gift, but at least they aren't just sending the same gift twice. There is also a very expensive Jamaaliday Wreath in Epic Wonders (den items).

   A bit off center, isn't it? Anyway, you're probably wondering why I am posting the items. Before I only posted things no one else has posted, but that can still be the case. Should I post new items or not? You can vote in the sidebar, I will do whichever gets the most votes. Anyway, a morning post gives me time to talk about other things in Animal Jam. Like... Beat Me!
   Years ago, when Animal Jam Rush was really the only blog anyone viewed, she had a weekly game called Beat Me! She would post the high score she got for a game, and people would try to beat that score.
   In order to prove you got the score you have to take a screenshot. Then, once the screen shot is saved, upload it to When you have, you should see a box that says "Direct Link for Layouts". Copy that, and post it in the comment box.
The URL should look like this in a comment: The screen shot should look like this:
   That is also my record! So... Beat Me! The highest score by the end of the week will have their username posted in the next Beat Me! Happy Jamaalidays!



  1. It's your choice whether to post the items or not. I love your blog and don't care either way. If it's to much pressure screw it. LOL.

    1. Yeah, sometimes I wonder if it would actally be usefull. I bet almost everyone who views this blog goes to Animal Jam Spirit for updates, which is kind of unfortunate.


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