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Jamaaliday & Member Gifts

   Wow, today AJHQ is feeling very generous! First of all, everyone who logs in today will get a "Patch of Lollipops". Happily, it is not a gift from last year.

   Second, Members get a free "Gingerbread Treehouse" in a Jam-a-Gram. If it's a Jamaaliday gift, then I would think Nonmembers would get it too, I wonder why they didn't.

   Also, we have the Monthly Member Gift. Animal Jam HQ got pretty lazy with this one, and just gave away the gift from last year, A "Gingerbread House" in the form of a den. This is unfortunate, because now it's not rare and it's not as special to get for the people who already had it (like me). I believe that's why they sent the "Gingerbread Treehouse", but I still think they could have been more creative.

   Anyway, there the Snowman Mask and Jamaaliday Lights have been resold. I'm hoping that the rest of the items will be resold in new colors and the old colors get a "Rare" badge, like they did for Phantom Day. Happy Jamaalidays!



  1. Yeah. They always said that monthly member gifts wouldn't come back. Guess they lied.


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