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New AJ Homepage

   Wow! AJHQ has just added an awesome new look for their homepage! And... it's an Alphas theme! Click for full size:
   In my opinion, this looks really good. They listen to us! I kept asking them to make the Alphas look more like they used to in 2010, and they did! I think everyone is this picture except Peck (the rabbit Alpha) looks good. Man, they just can't get Peck right. Do you guys agree? Unfortunatly, still no graphics for the new Alphas.
   Speaking of graphics, yes I did get the SWF for the Alphas and the background, but I'm not going to release to the public just yet, sorry! I've had much too much stealing lately. One thing I've noticed is people read updates on here that Snowyclaw hasn't noticed, and then E-Mail them to her so that they get credit. Which is not fair!
   Anyway, did anyone notice Liza is holding a camera? It's kind of odd, my guess is that it has to do with the long awaited quests. :D Isn't it awesome to think that the Jammer Central community had a part in bringing Alphas back? Thanks for reading, and please comment!


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  1. Haha! How come you haven't noticed Peck? She is with a Paintbrush near the Bunny holding the "Play Now" Thingy!


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