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Old Items & Jamaaliday Gifts

Today's Advent Gift, (which is what it really is), is 600 gems.
   Hmm... I'm starting to sense a pattern... gems every other day, and 100 more each time. Do you think I'm right? There are also three new items I found around Jamaa. First there is a deformed underwater snowman in Sunken Treasures.
   I doubt many people will buy that. I think it might be from last year. We also have two more interesting items, and their from 2010! Welcome back the original Christmas Trees in Jamaa!
 For once, I'm actually happy these items ruturned. The "Lit Palm Tree" was one of my first den items, I bought way back in December 2010! Here are some screenshots taken by Fuzzy ShyIvy in 2010:
 Anyone notice the items were smaller back then? And I like when Nonmember items had brown behind them, it gave them an earthy feel. The price was 50 gems less for each... but there was another one in 2010!
   So, who wants this to come back too? These trees used to be considered "Lost Items" because there were so few of them, yet no one really wanted them. Remember to comment!


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