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Trees, Gold, and Jamaalidays

Today's Jamaaliday gift is a Bag of Gifts, last years gift from Christmas Day!
There are also some new items. In Jam Mart Furniture, the Lit Ornamental Cedar is back, just like I predicted!
Here is a picture of what it was sold like in 2010. Picture credit is to Fuzzy ShyIvy. Read the post below for more info!
   Oh, and yes I did make a mistake in the last post. These trees were sold in 2011, too. ;) There is also a cool new Golden Samurai Helmet in Epic Wonders, for 2,500 gems.
And for more interesting news, the Epic Seasonal Tree in Epic Wonders really is seasonal! It has changed from autumn to Christmas!
Remember to comment, and vote on my latest poll! Happy Jamaalidays!


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