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Frozen Pond & Candy Crown

Today's item is... a Frozen Pond!
   Even though this is from last year, I'm glad it came back because I want to make an ice rink. :) Today's new Item is from Bahari Bargains, which is in Bahari Bay;  the Candy Cane Crown.
   I got like five of these from Sky High before, I think I'll be recycling them. Or, if you are a member I can send it to you if you comment you username. :D Anyway, they are from last year. Unfortunately I can't find anything else to post about. Remember to comment (I barely get any feedback)!



  1. cashew113593/30/13, 7:52 PM

    i love your blog. btw is the zois skyway glitch still working?

    1. No, as far as I know. The fixed almost all the glitches.

  2. I have a member friend. Her username is Tula910. Since we know each other in real life, I can tell her!


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