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Sled & Cliff Dwellings

Today's new item is a Sled, in Jam Mart Furniture. This item is from last year.

Today's side topic is about cliff dwellings in Jamaa. Well, there aren't any, right? First we need to remember most of Jamaa's lands and map were designed in Beta Testing or soon after, and back then AJHQ had very different goals. Just remember that. The Coral Canyons map and land, was designed while Animal Jam was in Beta Testing. First, look at this screen shot from the Coral Canyons map.
That really doesn't look much like anything in Coral Canyons, or does it... If you haven't noticed, Pecks Art Studio is built right into the cliff in that picture. The same with Epic Wonders. The cliff in that picture is really this:
Maybe that's obvious. But if you look inside Peck's Art Studio, you find ancient carvings on the walls:
They are very similar to the ones in the Canyons Pathway.
Lot's writing for a simple point. If ancient carvings are on the wall of Peck's Art Studio, that means that Pecks Art Studio is ancient, or at least the building. So my idea is that an ancient race of wolves once lived where coral canyons is today. Greely was one of them. They carved all the rooms in the cliffs, and they are really "cliff dwellings". The carved the door with Greely on it was Greely's home, as he was their leader. Wouldn't it be awesome if some day we could explore Greely's home? 



  1. Actually the "sled" item is from last year. :P
    I hope they do let us explore his home! There's this video on snowyclaw's blog about the future of animal jam! Unfortunately I can't watch it due to sound issues D:


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