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Croquet Set & Secret Colors

Today we have a pretty awesome new item in Jam Mart Furniture, the Croquet Set! The best part: it's for nonmembers! Now I will finally have a new addition to my den.

Okay, here is the secret (and also the side topic). Apparently, AJHQ is trying to make "secret" colors, sort of like Club Penguin's Secret Items. The Croquet Set is one of the few items that changes shape when you try to change it's color. But there is a catch: if you keep changing it, you will come across different colors of the same shape. Here are the screenshots, each item on the right is a secret color.

 I think all the colors on the right will eventually be rare, since they are so hard to get. Do you hope AJHQ comes up with something like Secret Items, where you click a random part of an item, and a secret item comes up that you can buy? Share your ideas in a comment!


PS: Check out my croquet set in my den!


  1. sirhappyviking3/21/13, 10:07 AM

    It's wrong they should sell them as different item.

    1. @Sirhappyviking - Not really; they're all part of the croquet game.

      Gecko, I don't get it DX
      When I tried to change the colour, nothing happened... o.o

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