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The Legend of the Wolf Kingdoms

First of all, there is a new item in Bahari Bargains, the Skull Necklace. (Which holiday is that for? o.o)

Now, for the best part of this post! I have finally written an addition to the history of Jamaa - from the Wolves perspective! I may expand it if I want to make it an official chapter, (or maybe even book). I hope you enjoy!

   Far from Jamaa, in the mysterious evergreen forests of the North, lay the land Wolves. There were five kingdoms, dividing the land east of the Phantom realm of Arnak in a radial design. At the center of the five kingdoms lay a massive mountain, towering above all else. At the summit the five Wolf Kings would meet, and they would each bring their Gem Staff to represent their power. They would discuss important matters and problems among themselves. They had united for one main purpose: for safety against the Phantoms of Arnak.
   For, in the Wast, the once-conquered Phantoms were multiplying, and becoming stronger. They knew the Phantoms all too well from their many battles. They would try to conquer all the lands, starting with the five Wolf Kingdoms.

   It started with silence. There was a mysterious feeling of fear in every pack; the wolf pups cowered in their den, the hunters found no game, even the pack Alphas seemed nervous. The days became dark and cold.
   Then, one night, screeches filled the air. Thousands of them. All in a terrible chorus of horror. 

The Phantoms had come.

   Most of the wolves hid in fear. But a few valiant warrior remained. They were soon overpowered, the 4-foot-tall Phantoms of the North had enough limbs to wield many swords. Victory belonged to the enemy, and soon all the once beautiful land was covered in the darkness of the Phantoms. And at the peak of the Mountain, they put their ugly flag, flapping the wind.
   They surviving wolves, driven from their homes, journeyed south in search of new land. After months of hunger, wandering through the rough terrain of the North, they arrived in a dense Jungle, with large chambers and statues of stone. They had arrived in the Kingdom of Zios.
   The great Lion-king welcomed the homeless wolves, and gave them the canyons near the sea to be their home. They joined his army, and fought valiantly against the Phantoms. But never again were the five Wolf Kings found. Their Gem Staffs were discovered, though, and hidden deep in the Chambers of Knowledge.
   Soon, as Zios was lost, Mira gave orders for every animal to elect a leader, an Alpha, to unite and strengthen them. After a meeting in the deep caves under the canyons, they chose a young, strong wolf. He knew the Phantoms and their tactics well, and he was wise. He would be a great ruler not only for the Wolves, but for Jamaa.
   They brought him to the top of the biggest arch, looming over the canyons, and there he swore to protect and defend Jamaa. His name was Greely.

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  1. I followed the blog! :D
    Can you follow mine, please?

  2. Great creativity Gecko! I love your stories!
    One thing I've noticed though is your grammar. Maybe you could either work on it (if you are actually having trouble with it) or type slower and correct your mistakes (if maybe you don't spell-check).

    1. No, I have good grammar. My problem is typing fast, and only doing a quick check for errors. I guess I just need to slow down a bit. :P Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Hi thanks for this if u have codes for dimonds plz. Tell me i all ready know what is twelve


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