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Rare Lion Hat & Geckos

Today we have a cool new RIM, the Rare Lion Hat. It is on the 10th page of Jam Mart Clothing.

And from the title you already know what the side topic is about... geckos! In 2010-2011, AJHQ had almost an obsession of making everything in Jamaa about geckos. They had newspapers about them:

Plushies, even banners with geckos on them:
These were my first two items. I still have that banner, I never traded it!
Soon we even had codes to give us geckos:

And last but not least, we have the extremely popular gecko song:

So, it's established AJHQ loves geckos, but why? Thanks to Way Back Machine, I can look at the old AJ website, the way it was in 2010. Back then they had a blog, but it wasn't TDE.

I encourage you to read this gecko post here. Then you can explore the rest of the website, too!

It says AJHQ got their love of geckos from an exhibit in the National Geographic Museum! Isn't that cool? True fact: I made the username "geckoguy" the day I joined AJ. I didn't make it after knowing they had geckos in the game!

But wait... AJHQ is in Utah, and the NG Museum in in Washington DC... Now lets remember this was soon after Animal Jam was released in Beta Testing. I bet AJHQ was in Washington DC to make the final agreements for Animal Jam being sponsored by National Geographic! It makes sense, doesn't it?

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