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Party Today & Crystal Sands Ad

Yet again, AJHQ made the new item in the hard-to-access Lucky Party. It's probably one of the green den items from last year.

But, don't forget, my birthday party on AJ is today! It will be at 2:00 PM EST today. Adjust that time to your timezone, with a parents help if necessary. Here are the full details:

Date: March 10, 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
AJ Room: Starting in Lost Temple of Zios
Server: Rocky
What to Wear: Any items you think are from Ancient Jamaa!
Host: BlueGecko

Remember, daylight savings doesn't start until tonight, so it will not affect the party time. (I got messed up in my last post.)

I know you guys are probably getting pretty bored with this blog, as we haven't had a good side topic for a while. I'll try to keep making them, even when AJHQ makes it difficult to find items. So, today's side topic is another AJ ad, this time in the 2011 Nat Geo Kids Almanac. Click for larger size:
As you can see, this is where the "explore2012" code came from. I got this Almanac for free in early 2011 when I bought a one year Membership for Animal Jam (my first membership). Back then one year Memberships cost $60.00, but you got a free Almanac, so it was a better deal than today's $50.00 membership. But that's another day's side topic.

Hope all of you come to my party! Let's try to make the room full!



  1. sirhappyviking3/9/13, 12:42 PM

    Cant wait till your party!

  2. Please visit my new clan blog and possibly join I have no members yet!

  3. Please can some of you join my clan? The blog is please join I do not have any members and the HQ has a dormitory and everything! To join go to the Join Page and to your vows and then friend me on aj I am cubscout9 then I will add your user to people page and you will be an official member!


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