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March in Jamaa

February is fading away with the exiting arrival of March 2013 in Jamaa. Not only is March home to my popular annual birthday party in Animal Jam, but many other things, too! Every March, Jamaa changes from the light snow of the Friendship Festival to the lush green of Lucky Day, Jamaa's version of St. Patrick's Day.

-The first March in Jamaa. The Super Sort game, Brady Barr's Lab, and the Volcano Den are all released. The two most popular AJ blogs at the time, AJ Community and AJ Rush, both temporarily stopped.

-At this point Animal Jam was starting to get pretty popular. The famous Elf Tail Armor was sent as the Monthly Member Gift. The Snow Fort Den was released, as well as the second generation loading pages (we are currently on the third). Lucky Day and Wolf Only Parties released. Flying glitches were constantly being discovered.


  1. How do you get the picture links on the sidebar? I dont know how to get them on my blog.
    Like, how do you set them up?

    1. Well, my links are complicated as each one is part of a single HTML widget.

      But for your purposes, when you add an image widget for the sidebar, just type in a URL like "" in the "link" box.

  2. Test test test I am fixing the anonymous profile picture.


    1. Gecko, can you please make your birthday party at a time suitable for Spain? I couldn´t go to your last party because I was in the middle of an exam at school whle it was going on.

    2. Wow! How did you do that, Gecko??? O.O
      You have challenged me...I SHALL get to 40,000 views before you!! Well, probably not. DX You only need about 200, I need about 1000 DX DX

      P.S Please can you follow my blog? I followed yours ;)

    3. @Mister Chunkybuddy
      Check my latest post.

      A lot of messy coding, which would take a long time to explain. Try looking up a guide, you have to edit HTML.

      Maybe you will beat me to 45,00, we already reached 40,00!

      I tried following your blog, but it won't let me. I'll try again...

  3. Was 2011 Beta?
    Sorry I forgot.


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