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Clover Necklace & Missing Alphas

Today we have another new ocean item for Lucky Day, the Clover Necklace. It is in Bahari Bargains. Wouldn't it be cool if the ocean had it's own holidays?

For today's side topic I will write about the three missing Alphas. When a new animal is discovered by Liza the Panda Alpha, the group of animals votes for one of themselves to become their Alpha, to represent them and lead them. This happened with all except three animals; the Lion, Arctic Wolf and Snow Leopard.

My explanation for this lies in Ancient Jamaa, when Zios the King of Jamaa reigned. Zios was a Lion, so all the Lions in Jamaa had no need for another leader, or Alpha. The Arctic Wolves and Snow Leopards lived beyond the mountains in the cold North. They have never been true citizens of Jamaa, their home is on the outskirts of the land. But know, as the evil Phantoms advance toward Jamaa, the Arctic Wolves and Snow Leopards have been chased from their home.

Mira kindly is letting them stay in Jamaa to be safe. But Sir Gilbert and Greely are now making plans on how to defend Jamaa from the Phantom's attack. They know it will be soon.

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  1. Cool story Gecko! It makes sense!

  2. Interesting! But I always thought Zios was some sort of spirit thingy XD Other than that IT'S A GOOD STORY :D

  3. sirhapyviking3/17/13, 2:58 PM

    OOOOOOOO its a total mystery! I wish AJHQ could post on the daily exlorer say a weekly legend then we would know if any of jammers stories are close to the truth! They dont say anything so us jammers have to presume stuff!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks everyone. :) Maybe someday I will start writing my story again. I just never got any feedback, so I assumed nobody read it.


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