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Clover Skirt & Birthday Party

There is one new item today, the Clover Skirt, in Bahari Bargains. I can't wait for Lucky Day!

For today's side topic, we have... my AJ birthday party details! My birthday is tomorrow, but my party will be a week from today. In case you didn't know, my last party was the most successful birthday party ever on Animal Jam, so you will want to be there! Here are the details:

Date: March 10, 2013 (Saturday)

Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

AJ Room: Starting in Lost Temple of Zios

Server: Rocky

What to Wear: Any items you think are from Ancient Jamaa!

Host: BlueGecko

I hope you are there! Last year I advertised my party on the blog AJ Community, and I can't do that this year. Hopefully we can get at least 25 Jammers. ;)

If you do not live near the east coast of the USA (EST), the party won't start at 4:00 PM in your time zone. Ask your parents what time zone you are in and what time difference it has to EST.

We will be playing games, exploring and more, so I hope you come!



  1. sirhappyviking3/2/13, 1:22 PM

    Happy bday for tomorrow and you missed out luck day parties and for oyour party which world it'll be in.

  2. The Lucky Day Party should be coming up today. The party was also on yesterday, too. It's pretty cool. For more updates on parties, visit Animal Jam Walkthrough! (

  3. sirhappyviking3/3/13, 3:06 AM

    Sorry I cant come Ill be in bed as it is nine o clock at night. But have fun today and at your party!

    1. We had a time change! Now it will start at 7:00 PM where you are.

  4. I hope I can come! I am really bad at calculating times but I hope that time is OK for Spain.

    1. I think it will start at 8:00 PM where you are, I changed the time.


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