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Porthole & Ancient Jamaa Language

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. It was my brother, MetroLeafs, birthday.

Today we have a new underwater item, the Porthole. It is in Sunken treasures. I *think* this is from 2012.

For today's side topic, we have a mystery from Ancient Jamaa. 
This golden throne is being sold in the ancient caves of Epic Wonders. In Ancient Jamaa, what was it for? Did it belong to Zios? What do you think is engraved onto it? Is it a code, or the language of Ancient Jamaa? Does it tell an important story?

Answer these questions in a comment! I will post any good stories tomorrow!

Also, we have a cool finding sent in by bluewolfmoongirl. She noticed that SBi, which we now know means Smart Bomb Interactive, is written on the bags in the Hot Cocoa Hut.


  1. Sorry, I am officially going to ruin your pawesome...err..thingymajig...story whatsit.
    That throne wasn't around in ancient Jamaa.
    What's written on it is hieroglyphs - ancient Egyptian writing.
    But it could tell a cool story! :D

    Sorry I ruined this...

    1. Actually, no. XD Look up Egyptian hieroglyphs, they look different. They are more like pictures than letters.

  2. Look in Brady Barrs lab it has writing above the door.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking of using that in today's side topic. But I chose the chair instead. :)

  3. code...crack code...machine needs help...should ask AJHQ...or not.....?


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