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Baseball Gear & Jamaa's Holidays

Today we have a land item in Jam Mart Furniture. This time we have... Baseball Gear.

I've always thought it was odd that Jamaa celebrates Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt, and yet never named the holiday in Jamaa. So I decided it might be useful for me to organize the holidays around Jamaa in order of importance. Secondary holidays are ones without a name. So here it is, the first ever classification of Jamaa's holidays:

1. The Jamaalidays ~ Christmas/Hanuka/Kwanzaa
2. Phantom Day ~ Halloween
3. Feast of Thanks ~ Thanksgiving
4. Freedom Day ~ Independence Day/Canada Day
5. Lucky Day ~ St. Patrick's Day
6. Friendship Festival ~ Valentine's Day

Secondary Holidays
1. Easter

See how Easter stands so alone? It's like AJHQ doesn't want to announce it because it is so Christian oriented. But, truth is, every Holiday on that list is Christian oriented except for Halloween and Independence Day.

Annually, Jamaa has an Easter Egg Hunt with a prize at the end. But the never name the occasion... is it Egg Day? Spring Day? Maybe this will be the year AJHQ announces Easter as an official holiday of Jamaa! Stay tuned, this Thursday we will find out when AJ updates.



  1. sirhappyviking3/23/13, 8:44 AM

    Easter is supposed to be christians most important thing, moor than Christmas! But I am Christian but I dont really follow a religion. The egg represents the rebith of Jesus and bunnies the easter bunny. Bunnies hve nothing to do with Easter except for he hides eggs and stuff. I dont see why no as many people who dont have a religion buy eggs!

    1. Yeah, maybe. I think they are just being careful not to "insult" people who aren't Christians.

  2. Hey, I'm new to this site, since I have known Animal Jam Community first (sorry if I sound rude). It's really cool that you have this site because AJC is ending. Thank you so much for informing it. I'm not a "rare" jammer so this site really helps a lot. Thank you again GeckoGuy!!!

    1. I'm very glad to hear you are enjoying this site! And if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

  3. Hey, I just noticed the AJ has released a lot of sports-themed stuff like that and the croquet. I wonder if they are planning on putting up a Sports Party. If so, that would be so cool!!! Another oppurtunity to get new items.

    1. That would be cool. I hope the have ice hockey stuff!


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