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Animal Jam Easter Egg Hunt Cheats 2013

Animal Jam's third annual Easter Egg Hunt is here! Click here for last year's hunt. The first hunt awarded an Easter Basket, the second an Egg on Pedestal, and this year? You'll have to wait and see! Here are all eight egg's locations:

NOTE: Be nice and don't block the Eggs! (By standing in front of them) If you do, nobody can finish and get the prize!

1. Jamaa Township
To the right of Mira's statue at the top of the land.

2. Mt. Shiveer
Straight up from the entrance to the lake, next to the Seal Carving.

3. Sarepia Forest
Above the slide, where you start where you teleport to the land.

4. Coral Canyons
Half way up the path to Sky High and the Arch, on the Epic Wonders/Waterfall side.

5. Canyons Pathway
To access this room, go to the far right exit of either Coral Canyons or Crystal Sands. The Egg is at the bottom of the room, near the Crystal Sands entrance.

6. Crystal Sands
Below the stairs to Tierney's Aquarium on the far right of the the land.

7. Lost Temple (Kingdom) of Zios
Just before the path across the river to the left of the land.

8. Appondale
At the middle-top of the land, in between the Pet Shop tree and Pest Control.

Eggcellent, your done! You should get this pop-up:

Click "OK", and you get a free gift!

Happy Easter! If you came here through Google, I hope you start viewing Jammer Central (this blog) for daily updates!



  1. umm what do you mean by

    "Be nice and don't blog the Eggs! If you do, nobody can finish and get the prize!"

    if you mean don't tell where the eggs are well you just did and so is everyone else :|

    1. ohhh there was a very very very anooying panda doing that in zios it is very mean but i ended up just going to another server and clicking it

    2. Yeah. Someone did that to me. :P Little did they know they were not only blocking me, but thousands of blog-viewers.


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