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Adventures, New Lands, & 10,000,000

Ahhhh! This has got to be the best update since Appondale came out! First of all, our little Animal Jam has reached 10,000,000 players! And I was one of the first 10,000! To celebrate this, type in this code when you log in:
Click here to learn how to use codes. You get this when you log in:

Even the Monthly Member Gift is awesome! This moth is Spirit Armor. I wish I was a Member!

For some reason, Liza got lazy and decided to send Cosmo and the Koalas on a journey to discover a new land! For this reason, you only have two weeks to become a Koala. After that, you will have to wait for them to come back from their journeys!

What is this new land, you might ask? 

Have you read that page? Well, if you haven't, do so! I mean now.

New lands, codes, gifts, all very awesome. But the best part of this update has to be... ADVENTURES!!! They are finally coming! After all this time!

If you didn't know, Adventures were something AJHQ was planning to make in Beta Testing, but never got around to it. Jammers always wondered what they could mean, though.

But keep viewing this blog! Tomarrow's side topic will be a theory for what Adventures might be like!

Other Updates:
1. Easter Egg Contest is here! Cheats are also coming soon.

2. Double Gems on every game!

3. April Fools' Party!

4. Graham's Joke Contest! Send AJHQ your best Jokes by April 3!

Jam On, and keep checking this blog for more updates!



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