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Cannons & The White Phantom

Today I found one new item in Jamaa, the Snow Canon from last year. It is available in Jam Mart Furniture. Click this item to make it fire!

Today's side topic is about the White Phantom. Ever since the "Rare Phantom Hat" was released in the Leap  Year Party in 2011, Jammers have wondered who this hat is supposed to represent. Of course, it might just be a cool item. But for those of you who read my story Ancient Jamaa: A Nation United, the White Phantom will appear towards the end. I image the White Phantom being the Phantom King.
His father was a normal black Phantom, but the White Phantom happened to be an albino, which in the animal world is considered a weakling. He was shunned, and the rule of Arnak (my name for the Phantom Kingdom) was given to his younger brother. Although he was weak, he created a small army from the other outlaws. Driven by hate, he murdered his brother and reclaimed the throne. He was a tyrant, and although Phantoms have always been evil, he was more evil than any before him. He soon led the last Phantom War, which conquered most of the lands in Jamaa. Where we are in Jamaa's history, we are recovering from that war.

Thanks for reading! By supporting this blog, some of these ideas might end up in Jamaa. Jam on!



  1. Nice story! The Diamond is an old item released probably like a week ago or something.

    1. Oh. >.< I wasn't here then. I'll fix that....


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