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Rare Wizard Hat & Mysterious Flowers

Today I found one new item, the Rare Wizard Hat. This item is from the Leap Year Party in 2011. You can now buy it in the Hatapalooza in Sarepia Forest.

Today's side topic is an interesting secret in the flowers of the Lost Kindom (Temple) of Zios. I believe Sheesh4 first discovered this. Anyway, find the flowers that look like this.
They will all be the same color when you find them. Now click them, it will randomize their colors. Keep clicking them until they became they same color again. Sometimes this will take five minutes, sometimes five seconds, its completely random.

Why do you think AJHQ made this feature? I guess it just adds to the mysteries of Jamaa!


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  1. I knew it since I joined. I went there first and clicked basiccally EVERYWHERE. Til' I clicked that. Soon I was clickin' like crazy! So weird... But I tried to make them in different colors.


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