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Frozen Bush & Zios and Mira

   Today's new item is the Frozen Bush, in Jam Mart Furniture, from last year. When you change the "color" of this item, it actually switches which season it is in!

I also noticed that the footer on the Animal Jam Website has changed. I think it looks better.

   The Epic Seasonal Tree has changed from a Jamaaliday's look, to a winter look. Credit to Sheesh4 for this discovery.

   For today's side topic, I'll talk about Zios and Mira. You can learn all we know about them on my Jamaa Lore page. Originally, Zios was a god, and Mira was a goddess, and the were apparently "married". We know that Mira was a stork, but there is no evidence of what Zios was. Apparently Zios died.
   I'm going to suggest that Zios and Mira were voted to be King and Queen (they wouldn't be married). Then we could change Lost Temple of Zios to Lost Kingdom of Zios. Does't that sound better? And then maybe in our journeys, someone might find out that Zios survived!
   I am changing my stories a lot, because now we know the current Alphas are the first ever. That means the last Phantom war was much more recent. I am also going to add Zios and Mira to the story, and make Captain Melville be Zios's general. I'll explain more later.



  1. Thanks for the credit, Gecko! A lot of bloggers don't give credit to other authors so I really appreciate you doing so. :)


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