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Shoal of Minnows & Safe Rares

It's Friday! :D Today I found another cool item in Sunken Treasures, a Shoal of Minnows! It looks like the fish in Finding Nemo that were doing impressions. ;)

For today's side topic I will tell which items will not get resold. Or at least shouldn't, if AJHQ keeps their promises. Since rares are always getting resold, it's important to know what is safe.

Items with "Rare" badges
-These items can be resold, ut only on rare occasions. These items include Rare Item Mondays, old colors of items, and Monthly Member Gifts.

Leap Year Party Items
-Yes, these have rare badges. But unless they come out in the Hatapalooza, these items probably won't be released for four years. Why? They're from Leap Year, which occurs once in four years!

Founders Hat
-This item is extremely valuable for two reasons. First, it looks like a Top Hat. Second, it will never be resold! It was sold at the end of Beta Testing to the first Animal Jam players, who were "Founders of Jamaa" in a sense. 

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  1. I saw your comment, and I'll post on here if I find anything interesting in Jamaa when I'm on. I just won't post updated. :P Sorry if I don't post often, though, because my computer keeps kicking me off AJ. D:

    1. Okay. :) So when I get new authors you can just sort of be back up author. Or you could chose a role, but that would mean you would have to post more. But I think you would rather just post once in a while.


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