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Brown Tile & More Graphics

First of all, I lost my membership today. D: It's going to take a while to re-design my animals and den. Did you know I got my first membership in February 2011? Back then, 1 year memberships were $60.00, but you received a free 2011 NGK Almanac. (This is not today's side topic :P)

Anyway, todays new item is the Brown Tile flooring from 2011. It's on the 18th page of Jam Mart Furniture.

For todays side topic, uh... more graphics! Sorry, tomorrow will be more interesting. But I have some graphics I have found that I have never released! I will put the graphics URL in a link, so just click it to see the image. So here they are... *drum roll*




So I you want to use these for your blog, great! Just give me credit (not in a post) with a link to Jammer Central. Thanks, enjoy the graphics!



  1. Sorry this was posted late, there was an annoying glitch and there kept being huge spaces between the links.

  2. I tried to use one of the background, but it said, and I quote, "the file is too large"

    1. Yes, that is one thing I don't like about blogger. Thebis a complicated way to fix this, but it requires HTML which is hard to explain.

      If you make me admin of your blog temporarily, I can do what you want and then remove myself from the blog. If you trust me. ;) My email is

    2. K, thanks, I did that as anonymous cause I was afraid I'd seem stupid X3 But, uh, I want the 3rd background, the snow leopard one ^^ Thanks!

    3. Okay. Well if your willing to make me admin temporarily, you can do that. Otherwise I can try to explain, but it's not easy.

    4. Right now I'm only an author, so I can't acces the HTML. Go to Settings, and then under "Permissions" switch me from author to admin.

    5. I know, I just hadn't found time to do that, I'll go make you an admin now X3


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