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Golden Royal Cape & Returning Rares

Today I found one new item in Epic Wonders, the clothing section.

For today's side topic is about returning rares. Most Jammers either really want rares to return to the shops of Jamaa, but a smaller amount do not, usually because the have rares. I don't have rares, and yet I don't want them to be sold again. Think about all those old items... gloves, worn blankets, top hats. It would be so much better if AJHQ never resold them. Because in early 2011, before the first item was resold, it was so easy to collect rares. Super rare items like gloves, worn blankets and top hats were so plentiful that any Jammer could get rare within a month.

It seems obvious to me, if you resell rares, more Jammers will not get rares. Every time a rare is resold, less rares are in Jamaa. That means the remaining rares skyrocket in value, making it impossible for new Jammers to get rares. There is sort of a movement, everyone is saying, "Rares are just pixels!" That is a terrible argument. This whole virtual world is made of pixels, that doesn't mean its bad. Rares were fun easy-to-get collectible items. But because you guys wanted rares resold, or no rares at all, rare item collecting has become something selfish item hoarders do. Lets keep the last few old items that haven't been released the way they are. It will help Jamaa, and make it more like the old Animal Jam, which you all seem to want.



  1. NO..! NO! rares are bad they make people crazy and all people ever care about now is rares!!!!!!!!! i say that there should be NO RARES! animal jam made a super bad idea by making rare idems i beg animal jam to bring back ALL THE RARE IDEMS! the reason people wouldn't want rares to come back is because they are super rare and being super rare makes them famous if they aren't rare anymore then they aren't famous anymore! look you have a really good blog but there are things i don't like about it.. and this is one of them rares are BAD! and i never trade EVER the fun part of AJ is RP and ever since rares became a big thing no one ever roll plays anymore unless its a clan! the other thing i don't like is you turning shamans into alphas.. i will forever call alphas shamans..

    1. Lol. I kind of agree with you. Today rares are out of hand, and are owned by selfish item hoarders (usually). But at one time rare item collecting was fun and easy, but reselling items ruinned that.

      Now our problem is the hoarders. They need to stop hoarding and share rares, or at least trade them. Because lots of rare people get sent more rares and yet never trade. That is one of Snowclaw's problems, and I'm surprised people haven't noticed that.

      The only way Animal Jam can be perfect again is if cool beta items get rare again, but common enough so that people like you and me can get them easily.

      As for Alphas vs Shamans, do you know what a shaman is in real life? It is a himan that is a paganist, or believes in hundreds of gods that hate us. They think they can control spirits through crystal balls and talk to dead people. So basically they are witches. Alphas on the other hand, are a leader of a group of animals, usually wolves.

      So doesn't the name Alpha fit much better? I do like the way AJHQ drew shamans better than the way they draw alphas, though.


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