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Rare Top Hat, Football & Ancient Den Items

Sorry this post is really late! I found two new items in Jamaa. On the left we have the Rare Top Hat from the Leap Year Party in 2011, now it is sold in the Mt. Shiveer Hat Shop. On the right we have a new Football in Jam Mart Furniture. JFL probably stands for Jamaa Football League.

For today's side topic I will talk about den items associated with ancient Jamaa.

Mira Statue
-This item is pretty valuable. It is a smaller model of Mira's Statue in northern Jamaa Township.

Zios Sculpture
-This is another rare, in the form of Zios's mask. It is made of solid gold.

Zios Fountain
-This is a cool fountain-memorial of Zios. You can buy it in the Mystery Emporium or trade for the bronze version which is rare.

Alpha Statues
-These are statues of every Alpha known. They are for sale in the Mystery Emporium, or you can trade for the rare bronze version.

Phantom Fountain and Tall Phantom Statue
-These rare statues are carved to look like the evil phantom king. They could be won in past Octobers in the Phantom Vortex.

Hope this was helpful! If you have any ideas for future side topics feel free to Contact Us.



  1. I LOVE the Mira Statue and Zios Sculptures I hope to own a Mira statue someday. I just love those items dedicated to the AJ history/lore.

    1. Me too. :) I remember when they were sold. Now I want one more than any other item.

  2. Hey Gecko. I don't recall -- where can you purchase the bronze version? Or if you can not purchase it anymore, where did you purchase it when it was available?

    1. It was at the AJ Birthday Party for two years. That is where the bronze alpha and zios stuff was sold. I bought ever single one. ;) Of course now I'm nonmember so most of it is useless. I have them on my back up account.

    2. I mean it was at the Two Years Birthday Party, not that it was sold for two years


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