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Rare Cowboy Hat

Today we have a fun new rare in Jam Mart Clothing, the Rare Cowboy Hat!

For today's side topic, I will talk about Tierney's Aquarium. I hope to add a page about each room to my Jamaa Lands page. This way I can create it day by day.

Date Made: March 15, 2012
Rooms: 2 (Aquarium, Theater)
Games: 1 (Touch Pool)
Shops: 0

-Tierney's Theater is a reversed blue version of Sarepia Theater
-A green fish in the main tank will follow your mouse for no reason
-Touch Pool is one of two games that let you earn gems and items, the other is Sky High

Sorry this is very exciting. If you have an idea for a better side topic, comment or Contact Us!


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