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Fire Pot, Chicken Hat & Pages

Today I found two new items. On the left we have the Rare Chicken Hat in the Hat Shop in Canyons Pathway. On the right we have a very old item, the Fire Pot. This has been floating around the shops of Jamaa for years.

For today's side topic, I will list some pages I am making for Jammer Central. Sorry, it's really hard to think of a good side topic every day. ;)

-Ask Us
-Contact Us
-Jamaa Journal Archive
-Animal Jam History
-Jamaa Lands

I have  a few others, but I will keep them secret for now. If you have any ideas for a side topic, please let me know! I will give credit if I use your idea.



  1. Why AJ is better than other virtual worlds my names sirhappyviking u shar google account with my sis cubscout9.

    1. Good idea! I will probably use that some day.

  2. Well, club penguin treats nonmembers like junk, and AJ is also educational(was). Now you know what.

  3. club penquin and roly poly land roly poly land u cant buy any clothes or anything :I and club penquin IS JUST EXPENSIVE 2 GET MEMBER AND NM GET TREATED LIKE A POO BUCKET


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