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Friendship Festival, Tigers, and New Code

Today we have a medium sized update. The third Friendship Festival is coming soon, it's Jamaa's version of Valentine's Day. Odd though, in some places AJHQ calls it friendship Festival, in others it is called Valentine's Day.

There is also the new Monthly Member Gift of February, this time it is a pet Tiger. I wish they would give a cool item again instead of a pet.

There is also a new animal coming out soon, Raccoons! They will probably be Member-only, but they look awesome.

A new plaque has been added to the collection, this time it's easy to get! Just click any icon around Jamaa that looks like this:
Then answer all ten questions, and you will get a free plaque!

Also, on the printable Valentine's Day sheets, we have a new code! Its BEMYBUDDY. Click here to learn how to use codes. It gives 500 free gems, apparently it replaces jamaalidays13. Jam on, enjoy the update!


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