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Phantom In Ice & Future Rooms

   Well, I'm finally back from vacation! There are a heap of updates since I left, but I won't post them. Today there is only one new item, the Phantom In Ice from last year. It's in Jam Mart Furniture:

   As a side topic, I'll talk about some places scattered around Jamaa that could lead to future rooms or lands. The first is in the Lost Kingdom of Zios, (I call it that since temple would mean he's a god). This door has been here since Beta Testing, it's on the far left of the land.
   This mysterious door seems like it might lead to the basement of the Chamber of Knowledge. It may lead to the same place as this:

There is also one in Sarepia Forest, near the center on the ground.
You might be thinking, "It's a log, so what?" But, in the teaser trailer of Animal Jam, released in Summer 2010, a rabbit hops right out of it! Of course  this just meant it lead to another land. Back the the paths leading to other lands were all mixed up. But who knows, some day it might get opened up again?

There is also a famous one in Coral Canyons, the Greely door, on the far left of the ground path.
Before Best Dressed was created, you could see the delicately carved memorial of Greely the Wolf Alpha.
Some say this is the entrance to Greely's home, others say it will lead to a secret slot canyon full of mysteries.

   There is one in Jamaa Township, and this one is very interesting. Back when we could do Flying Glitches, some Jammers found a hidden hut in the bamboo near where we meet Liza.
On the path that leads to Sarepia Forest, we see this:
   It leads straight to that hut! We may very well have found Liza's home. Someday, when we can interact with the Alphas, maybe we can visit her!

In Mt. Shiveer, we have two mysterious passages! The first is straight up from where you start in the land:
   But, in the Penguin Wallpaper released by AJHQ, we find it is open! I can almost guarantee we will be able to go there some day, maybe it leads to a Seal-only room!
The other is near the very top of Mt. Shiveer:
I always hoped this would lead deep under Jamaa, to an ancient mine!

Last, there is another popular one in Appondale, to the far left along the path.
   This one probably leads to a land to the left of Appondale on the map, though we can't see it yet. Maybe some day we will be able to scroll around the map.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Jam on!



  1. Cool insights Gecko. I love your blog and posts cause they're not like all of the other Animal Jam blogs. It's actually creative with ideas and not just item posts.

    1. Thanks! I have been trying to do that and I'm glad someone is noticing. To be honest, I got a lot of inspiration from you posts, you always seem to notice the smallest changes around Jamaa.

  2. These are pretty cool observations. I'm looking forward to see these new rooms (if they are going to be opened) because AJ seems a little . . . small. I wanna see new stuff; it gets boring if you see the same places over and over again.

  3. Thanks for pointing out things I've never noticed!

    1. By the way, the kingdom of Zios one is now a way to get to adventures beta.

    2. Chamber of knowledge:phantoms?

    3. Must be Greely's snack. He eats phamtoms. Seems tasty to me!

    4. Did you realize that there's a round piece of wood blocking that fits the entrance's round hole perfectly?

    5. I think the one in Appondale is something that will lead to the new land with rivers and lakes? Must have many bridges!


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