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Tablet Computer, Dust Striped Walls & River Race

Today we have two new items. On the left is Dust Striped Walls in Jam Mart Furniture on the 17th page. On the right is a tablet computer in Jam Mart Furniture.
It's kind of funny that they made a tablet computer, it just doesn't fit, haha. But it looks like my tablet, so I would probably get it if I still had membership. I guess I don't mind this, even if it is a human item.

Today's side topic is about one of my favorite games, River Race. I'm not sure if there is an obvious reason, but for the past month I can't play it! There is no game icon, it's not in Sol Arcade, not even in the store!
At first I thought it was a glitch. But as it has been gone for a whole month, I doubt it. I guess the most likely conclusion is that AJHQ is being realistic and not letting us play River Race when the river is frozen. But I have been through every winter in Animal Jam, and I am almost sure we could play River Race the whole winter.

Does any one have a better explanation? Or has AJHQ already told us, and I missed it? Comment with you answers!



  1. Sorry I didn't reply to the comment(s) on my blog earlier, I totally forgot about the post. :/ I promise on my soul that I never deleted any comment, I believe there must've been a connection error, or you forgot to hit publish or something. Just try again.

    1. Oh.. sorry. But I really saw it published on my tablet. Maybe it is in the spam section of you comments, check that. Yeah, probably.


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