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Raccoon Hat & Rare Achievements

Today we have two new items. The on the left we have the Raccoon Hat in Epic Wonders. It's nonmember! It will probably match the Raccoon Tail from the Summer Carnival. On the right we have the Rare Knitted Hat - this is a Rare item Monday from January 7.

For today's side topic, I will talk about Rare Achievements  Most people think if an achievement can be earned, it can be earned at any time. This is not true in the case of Rare Achievements - Achievements that can no longer be earned. There are only two of the (that I know of). Here the are:

-Answer The Call
   This achievement could be earned in 2011 by answering 15 of AJHQ's polls, or Calls of the Wild. These polls no longer exist, therefore the achievement is impossible to get.

   This mysterious achievement is only known from the Animal Jam trailer, it is shown as an example of earning achievements. Apparently, it was earned by reading nature facts about plants. No one is known with this achievement.

Here are my achievements:

There are also five achievements for River Race that currently cannot be earned, by this is only temporary. If you know of any more, comment!



  1. you have a lot of achevements!!!

  2. I HAVE THE CALLS OF THE WILD ACHEVEMENT!!! Wow... I didn't know it was rare...

  3. I have only 30-40 achivements. Not much... Lookin' for more.


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